Sunday, 24 November 2013

Pondering at Construction site

I look at the construction site and ponder….

Surrounded by noise of Tractors and Cranes,
Breaking stones, lifting bricks,
Sieving sand, wetting cement,
Under hot screeching sun,
Beating iron rod, trying straightening it,
Working & working, when do they stop?
Take break,sip few drops of water.
Skinny thin tanned physic but stamina,
Little shade during Sun,
Dry place in rain,
A warm blanket when cold,
They struggle for small things.

Enough they have slept?
Satisfied with food in stomach?
Eyes never tired..
Sweat wedged between lines of forehead,
But little they always complain,
Busy day & night concreting our dreams.

Their small universe is their family,
Are unaware of the big empty world,
Dreaming only in sleep under a tin roof,
For them life is no mystery,
No fears, no dreams, no heart break,
No confusion their mind holds,
No fancy cars, no castle or respect they desire,
Overlooking their present life,
They tell me, they wish for only one thing,
Their children go to school, learn, play, grow
And never lead an illiterate dark life.....

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