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Heartfelt Welcome  

Is a place where I share my little life experiences, harmless memories, random thoughts, silly opinions, wild ideas and lots more…  Love. Laugh. Learn I follow these three principles (actually there are a few more but Ya! Basically these) in Living my life.

There is always so much occupying my crazy mind and every time during my thought attack I can’t annoy innocent people around me with my continuous babble, so I started writing (I should have started earlier!!) and believe me I am more than pleased as it not only helped me in organising the thick custard of thoughts but has even assisted me in developing patience (which I sincerely lack). With my power of thinking channelized into something creative yet challenging (as I told you my mind has too much to deal with!!) I feel gratified and relaxed.

I just hope you won’t grow mad after reading my posts and would allow me to learn from your comments and reactions!!

Accept my gratitude!!!

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