Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Beautiful Face of the World…..

“Fairy Tales”, think of it and the notion is sure to land you into fantasy world of magic and mirror, the land of fairies and witches, royal romance, talking chipmunks and yes! End(s) decorated with happy endings!!


“Have a look, isn’t this dress lovely?” queried my friend sticking an oyster green one piece in front, looking into the mirror, in her quest for enchanting gorgeous look.

“This evening you are breaking many hearts!!” I reported smiling.

It struck me then (and it wasn’t the first time) - we are so much worried about our looks, using so many resources to get an “Awww” look. Everyone wants to wear ‘beautiful’ or ‘handsome’.

After toddling days, child is occupied with moral tales which teach the young heart, how to dream sweet with values of truth and kindness, but It also familiarises them to the world of fancy and beauty loving.

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