Monday, 9 June 2014

A Fine Afternoon

I was sitting in the office cafeteria with friends and colleagues. Digesting lunch. I choose to sit and allow my stomach to have a slow digestion process. So what? I own a large bunch of lazy muscles. My stomach understands me completely! He knows It’s not that I don’t love walking with legs much or that I love my sluggishness (which sometimes I do!) Poor him realizes perfectly that I am good at ignoring most of the good lifestyle leading thoughts and ultimately actions! Plays his own tricks and techniques to remind me about my unhealthy habits (I guess every stomach does that) is norm and what he is expert in. So out of love (he thinks!) I do exercise once in a while to compensate. Okay! No more discussion on my bonding with my stomach!!

So we all were having light chat, with Chaaaat discussing the number of meetings and conference calls, to show how busy and tired we were going to be and already were. I was innocently melting ice-cream in my mouth, enjoying every bite with ‘aww’ feeling in my mind, not aloud boy!! I was disinterested until one of us pointed towards a middle aged man. He was short, extremely chubby (in a cute way), wearing loose shirt and equally ill-fitting trousers and expressions like a man going for a movie all alone. He was one 'unique specie', right?Friend mentioned, “He is our project team-mate”. We all peeped at once, in a row and got glimpse of the waddling man. All ears, hoping interesting tales! He continued as all anticipated, “Whole day he remains so focused, shareef, sometimes so disinterested, he would get lost in middle of conversation” saying this he mimicked one such conversation. The mimicry, hilarious than the context. ”But he is a totally different guy at parties,  charged up, sharing stories of his wife and children, burgers and cars, giving funny and different poses in each click.” Listening to this I blurted out, “Is he the same guy in photo you showed the other day?? The man with cigarette between teeth, bearing a crooked smile, standing with crossed arms, head tilted, legs wide open in tashan????” (Yes! I was attentive my ice-cream was over!). The moment he nodded, all busted out laughing. He continued while laughing “In one of the other photograph we all were standing with V and rock fingers, straining faces, posing. He came and lay in front of the whole group, facing camera, one hand resting under the head, other one holding glass placed on ground. No 'cheese' and the pic was like once in lifetime” We insisted on seeing the photographs. And after looking at pics for few minutes we were rolling on the floor, seriously!! 

Then keeping the momentum on, other friend started to share a similar hysterical incident when their whole team had gone together at Water Park. She described how many didn’t know swimming but they were having fun at different levels inside water (not deep). Suddenly one non-swimmer slipped in water and caught hand of person next to him, funny thing was even he didn’t know swimming, then to save himself the second guy interestingly held the person who again had no skill in swimming. She mimicked the whole misery of the second guy that how the non-swimmer in middle had to battle against the kicks from both sides and had to struggle to come out of water. He was blaming his bad fate innocently. The whole situation OMG!! Laughed our hearts out. This was not the ending; in other situation in office some mischievous team-mates had mailed the invitation of his marriage with manager from his unlocked system to the whole team. It created earthquake but we were almost in tears, nearing death out of aching stomach!

 That was one hell of a noon!!

These situations might not be so hilarious but while sitting in a group laughing even tiniest of the tiny silliness amounts to crazy laughs. It may be the company, age or cracks in our head but these moments are life!! J
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