Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Healthy Immune India

Kids love to play dirty. They smudge their hands with all sorts of colourful or say grey stuff they eye on, you make a move to stop them and they do it again and again. They like to explore everything in terms of taste, touch and weight. Remember the ‘Boo Boo’ adorable baby (I don’t remember his name, his booing act was sho cute that I refer him that way ;)) from movie ‘Baby’s day out’ who almost explored the whole city on knees and was so happy and lovable all the time. Till the end of film, he was one strong n healthy booming baby…
But it happens only in movies,  in reality kids (let’s spare babies) don’t have that much strength and stamina… so many viruses and microbes are flying homeless that with every breath, each one of us who is weak in health and exposed to germs is vulnerable let alone kids which are at highest risks, as we know their immunity is in developing phase. 

Immunity. What is immunity? Let me quote myself years back, when I was teaching science to my younger brother, when he was a kid:

“The immune system comprises of antigens which are like many superheroes protecting body from evil attacks of germs, all the time… protecting us from diseases.” 
My bother instantly challenged my definition “But where are they before we fall ill? We should never fall sick, because superheroes never fail, right?”

I had to pause and rephrase myself to explain him at that time. But now when I am writing this article I realize it is not our body superheroes who fail, we kill our natural superheroes (unintentionally) due to negligence, bad lifestyle and habits. As we all know prevention is better than cure, working towards a stronger immunity system would be a better choice, isn't it? Our children learn what we preach. Child is a father of man, he would grow into what he learns. If the child is taught how immune system can be held strong, the half of the battle against diseases would be won. Inculcating good habits is responsibility of each one of us - mainly the elders. I jot down few basic habits out of my knowledge (whatever little I have!!) or experience or whatever I have learnt from my elder friends and my own mother. Little lifestyle changes and society as in whole can for sure can bring in the strong healthy India into reality (Let me be optimistic!!):

            Child immunity:

1.     Breastfeeding
2.    Sterilizing all bottles and clothing of babies
3.    Touching baby with sanitized hands
4.    Balanced diet for baby after 6  months
5.   Eating healthy and adequate sleep for baby and mom
6.    Vaccination
7.    Teaching good habits
8.  Making them play outside safely
9.     Encourage in making friends
10.Teach him/her to priorities health


1.     Clean living/surrounding environment
2.     Lots of clean water for drinking
3.     Adequate 7-8 Hrs. sleep
4.     No to junk food, fast eating, prolonged TV viewing
5.     Yoga or exercise daily
6.     No smoking or drinking
7.     Eating Fresh fruits and vegetables and a balanced diet
8.     Happy living, positive outlook
9.   Avoiding misuse of drugs while ill, believe in natural healing for minor problems
10. Using natural immunity boosters like Chyawanprash, Red berries or other natural ayurvedic herbs
11.  Have good laughs even at yourself


1.     Banning/limiting tobacco and alcoholic drink's sale
2.     Providing good food to malnourished/underprivileged kids
3.     Education in schools on healthy habits and living
4.     Vaccination free of cost
5.     Spreading awareness about prevention measures
6.     Promoting goodwill by rewarding the work of NGOs working in health sector

Above written habits if inculcated can be revolutionary. We sure can have a healthy 'Immune India '... initiate by spreading that small little curve on your face... 

This post is written under 'An Immune India' blogging contest by Dabur Chyawanprash on Indiblogger.

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