Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Small Chit Chat

Meera’s happiness has no bounds. She is fluttering with joy and why not? She is blessed with a baby girl. She is now a mother. Until now Meera was centre of her own world, but now the definition of her life has been squeezed into being around her daughter. She and her husband Karan want to leave no stone unturned in taking care of their little angel.

They are new to parenting, they know little and are learning. They are all set to play their new roles. Let’s sneak into their lives and be part of their happiness, excitement and parenthood…. For a while….Into their living room…

 “Why does she cry like this? She makes me so nervous. My heart skips a beat when I see her this way. I am scared to give her a bath”, Meera holding her angel in her arms, looking into her sparkling wet eyes.

 “Crying is a healthy sign honey! Plus kids do cry while bathing. So, stop worrying.” Says not so sure Karan.
 “Hmmm… ”, Meera nods and then looks at her daughter and mumbles affectionately into her ear. Your momma loves you a lot. *Kisses* 

 “Wait, before you give her a bath…” Karan interrupts, he walks out of the room and comes back holding a bottle in hand, “Ya! Take this and give her a good baby tender massage, it’s a baby oil... take it.”

Meera looks at her husband astoundingly and looks at the brand of the oil and speaks all puzzled, “You are a good father… but tell me, why only a Dabur Lal Tail? Why a massage anyway?”

“Okay, so it seems your knowledge in baby care is little. Let’s start from the basic … Why is massage important at all?” Karan questions and without waiting for a reply continues, “Massaging lays a strong foundation for babies, helping them to grow and flourish. Massaging helps the baby gain weight, makes bones & muscles strong, relieves colic and other digestive problems, improves sleep pattern, stimulates blood circulation, flushes away metabolic waste and improves skin disorders. So one can say it’s essential for their initial growth. Not only that, massaging deepens bonding between the child and mother by strengthening the attachment, in all it’s a magical exercise keeping mother and child happy… relaxes mind… which is essence of Ayurveda…. Balance of mind and body

Meera just nodded her head in agreement and amusement!

Karan continued saying, “Oil makes massaging easier , If you question why only this Ayurvedic oil, we have oils like coconut, mustard, peanut, olive oil… but these can be contaminated I mean not safe for baby use, will not be suitable for tender skin of new-borns… so they are big NO NO but Ayurvedic oil such as Dabur Lal Tail has not only qualities of India’s magical herbs, the treasure of Ayurveda but it’s been clinically proven that babies who were massaged daily with Dabur Lal Tail in comparison with no massage experienced 2 times faster increase in weight and height. It has the traditional wise ingredients. And dear it’s not just me who says this but each parent out there trusts this brand.… what else should I say?”

Karan pauses and continues, “Choosing the right products is essential and it is a parent’s responsibility, I don’t want us to take any chance… it’s only the beginning, as adults we can try different products on ourselves and can drop conclusions on our own… which one is best, and which is not reliable but my dear in case of a baby or toddler when they are growing mentally and physically very fast we need to very thoughtful be it any sort of baby product…. We can’t just blindly pick anything. You know my aunt is Ayurveda Doctor and from my own childhood I have seen the power of Ayurveda not once or twice but many times… From past 5000 years Ayurveda has been blessing us with its treasure and knowledge….”

“I agree on that… we can’t take chances… but do you mean to say other products and brands which don’t use natural elements in their products are not good?”

“That is not I’d like to emphasis on but I’d to add up more. The modern medical science and the lifestyle which is advised by doctors comes from the Vedas, World now is recognising the strength of this holistic science of medicine… In 16th Century Europe, Paracelsus, who is known as the father of modem Western medicine, practiced and propagated a system of medicine which borrowed heavily from  Ayurveda, we indians don't realise how much we can learn and gain from our ancient sciences... Its we give it a thought."

“Karan… people are giving importance to Ayurveda treatments even adults go for oil spas for relaxation, I don’t doubt Ayurveda can play important role in child’s development, my Dadiji used to always emphasis on age old practices as she believed nowadays due to modernisation we are, forgetting the true right ways of living… Ayurveda is future hope” Meera smiles meekly and adds up,” It’s good to see you like this, a caring concerned father, How could you manage speaking all this in breath???” 


That was one small caring thoughtful family… I am sure these new parents will prove to be good and smart parents in future . Our wishes to them J

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Stay Happy,
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