Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I Fear ‘Nothing’

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Eloping Imagination
Make a cat roar, jump on the clouds, sleep on million candies, own a 'Genie' and keep make wishes, live on trees like nomads, play with unicorns,  live a heroic  life (S for Superman)... Hey! Do you say “Not possible!!”? Then my friend, you have underestimated the power of imagination!!
 Yes, it’s one of the most impressive strength of human mind. By annexes of imagination you live your dreams for few seconds… impossible becomes possible in our custard of thoughts…it lifts the wings of hopes and pushes harmless dreams to surface. I just love imagining, or say dreaming, another synonym for imagination… it adds creative blends to day to day life but there is other side of the coin, the other product of imagination “Fear”, not so adorable.

Different people suffer from different sorts of fear. What am I afraid of ? If i ask this question, I would say I fear darkness, the night. I can’t walk across lonely corridors in dark hours all alone, I freak myself out thinking a snake would scale out from plants, towards me, I terror somebody would attack me hiding somewhere, I panic imagining a floating ghostly face would appear from the dark background having bright eyes and pointing nails. I don’t know I can’t stop imagining all scary things in midst of darkness. That’s why I always sleep with my mom. But after scaring imagination I think, all the time and always scared of is ‘Nothing’ present in the darkness. What am I afraid of ? I fear 'Nothing'. I have always saved myself from watching any horror movie but still, why do I allow myself to believe in such imagination, from where does it come from?

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Invading Fear
I have often heard 'Fear is a state of Mind', 'It isn't real' and recently Will Smith in his latest flick was heard saying that 'Fear is a choice'. And I agree to above all. Fear be it due to future uncertainty or of results or of failure (a few very common) stops people from exploiting opportunities; fear wears down physical vitality, makes us sick; fear shortens life and closes mouth when heart wants to speak. It is one powerful force. Nowadays it’s more of psychological. Tension, stress, panic, embarrassment all stem from mismanaged, negative imagination.  I wanted to work against my fears as well and started researching about it. And then I found something, it said, “Action cures fears.”

I decided to apply this on myself. I started sleeping alone. I started going for lonely walks in evening. Initially it was tough, but steadily believe me, it worked :). Now I have conquered almost fifty percent of my scary thoughts. They don’t invade me when I go to sleep. The way when we face tough problems, we stay stalled in the mud of uncertainty until we take positive actions to come out of it. The same way recipe to conquer fear will require action. Be it any kind of fear, right actions can kill it. People having adventurous hobbies are always daring and confident. People who write never fear of running out of idea. Actions bring in with it few remarkable appreciative qualities. I am waiting for the day when I would ask myself the same old question. What am I afraid of ? The time when I would tell myself bravely I fear 'Nothing at all'.
Take a step. Confront your fear, kill it, before it does more harm.

Happy conquering fear. Happy Halloween!!!

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