Monday, 31 March 2014

All Fool's Day

April 1st, is almost here!!!

Ha! All fool’s day. It’s time for you to unleash your fun side. The only day when you can officially pull the leg of anyone - who always scared you, your boss (if you are sure there are no chances of him firing you!!), your big always so right brother, your best friend so smart or your no nonsense teacher… Being a trickster and pulling out fake stuffs and making them believe in it… Oh! That pleasure does makes us so so happy and whole situation a hilarious incident in cells of our memory. I can remember my first memory of April fool’s day when I was in 2nd standard, all I could think of was pretending there was a lizard behind my mother and then I saw my mom jump and freaking out…though simple in nature, the so called prank to me did give me a good amount of laughter and a sense of pride in pulling a leg of an adult none other than my mom!!!

I just like the whole idea of celebrating the less celebrated quality – foolishness. We are intelligent creatures (most of the times) no doubt! But we all don’t know, in our daily life, we try so hard to look less fools. There is a little fool in us sitting and seeking an opportunity to peek out. We push the doors which are meant to be pulled, we take lifts to climb to first/second floor, we won’t eat food from table but would eat without cleaning our hands, we are hesitant to grab a good opportunity, we expect our kids to be honest when we lie for mere looking great in front of others, we argue on pity matters, play on computers and smart phones when we can socialise and make good relationships… believe me we are fools of different kinds, every day of our life. May be because of that we have a day like this, to celebrate that forgotten feature, part of our life, to remind ourselves that we are foolish and it’s not a bad thing at all J. There is a saying: Until you're ready to look foolish, you'll never have the possibility of being great.

Meant for amusement and joy. Allow that kid out once more and Let your prankish spirits to extreme, just stick your hand inside that joke corner of your brain and pull out rib tickling gags!! Here are a few ideas I collected (from experience and Google!!) :

    1. Reset all clocks and let the person wake up early and get ready early… you will know on your own the best time to crack the surprise of Fool’s day… Ha!

    2. Make a delicious looking ice cream sundae made with mashed potatoe and gravy (you can come up with different kinds of fooling dishes!! Yay!)

    3. Add some seeds to keyboard... and see nature prospering!!

    4. A little tape on mouse and see the person go wacky... good laugh will find it's way!!

    5. Make a fake poop... cardboard/flour and little paint (you know the color) and place it somewhere... this one's a big laughter!!

    6. Ooops! The desktop is upside down,,, try on younger siblings/kids!! 

    7. Stop that lathering of soap…. Paint the transparent nail polish on soap and see is magic…hehe!!

    8. Make a fake call… most easiest, try which one of your friend is an easy bird and still unaware of such a simple trick!!

    9. A cute trick for all the innocent cute too young group out there… making eyes of everything inside refrigerator… you will see surprise in their eyes…I tell you !!

    10. If your friend is new to a place you can always try this one: 

    I have myself used 5 of the above tricks... Ya!
    This time again my brother would see serious fooling… Hehe!!

    Happy Fool’s Day!!

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