Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I Am the Half Population

I am killed before I could take birth
I am abandoned left to rot after birth
I have been waiting for the same Love
Struggling for all I am worth

Let me come into this world
I have purpose and dream of my own
I promise I will not let you down
I have the right talent, I can make you proud

In name of dowry I am sold
What to wear and hide I am recursively told
Pointing fingers still rest upon me
What have I done wrong, I feel so cold!

I am mistreated, abused every second minute
My face is burnt in the agony of smashed ego
I have 'No' right to say 'No'
I know you can't hear me mourn?

I am affectionate as your mother
I am the praying for your health as wife
I am the half population
I ask for respect and compassion

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